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My Friends

Take a look at some of my very special oriental friends, who also escort from time to time. 

 Perhaps you would like 1, 2 or all 3 of them to join us one day and really let loose.

Or maybe, you'd like some variety.

Indulge yourself - why don't you?


Hwang Hwang

My name is Hwang Hwang, I have a BA in Communication Arts and my resume includes a career in advertising and strategic marketing. My outgoing personality makes me such a lot of fun to be with, and you will find that I am intelligent and a fluent conversationalist on all manner of subjects.



I am a young and very sexy Japanese girl with an innocent face and a beautiful body that will excite you beyond your wildest expectations. My breasts are simply gorgeous and such a joy to play with, and my bum is so firm and tight to further delight your senses. You will adore the cuteness of my face, which you will want to keep looking at whatever we are doing together.


Lin Lin

My name is Lin Lin, and as you can see from my photos I am a very pretty young Chinese girl having a lot of fun working as an independent escort in London. I have a college degree in media relations and I am very articulate in any number of subjects, so you will never get bored of having conversations with me.

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