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Reviews and Feedbacks


MAY, 2022

I spend 3 hours with Sakura at my flat and simply could not get enough. Her ability to role-play is very good. I finally fulfilled one of my favorite fantasies. She played the doctor to perfection, and me being the needy patient she had to examine. Let's just say, the white coat, stethoscope and classes I provided helped a lot. I will see her again, next time maybe she'll be my teacher... 



March, 2022

I have been seeing Sakura on a regular basis now for a while now. I really enjoy the services she provides. I am a man who appreciates simplicity so to me she is perfect. I will be returning for a while yet. Would recommend.


Feb, 2022

Just what I needed. I only had an hour but what a fun hour it was. Sakura was the first escort I was able to see after the long lock-down and I was not disappointed.


She was sexy and very accommodating, her apartment very nice too.

I left satisfied and elated.



Feb, 2022

A really good service started with a lovely massage, then lots of French kissing, plenty of oral pleasures.  Sakura was very keen that my time spent with her was pleasurable. 

She helped me get dressed and I left feeling happy but relaxed. She insisted on offering me water and a snack for the journey which was really sweet.


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